Thursday, August 21, 2008

A natural human instinct is to want to belong, to have connection with others who share our values or interests. Isolation can never be the key. You might be a loner, a recluse or a fighter who has fought the world all his life and loathed at the idea of company but STILL your yearning for unity and connectivity will remain undaunting. Your feelings to seal bonds of friendship into everlasting togetherness will shine through from the deepest recesses of your heart.

Imagine sketching a portrait all your life – your dreams being the fabric, your unalloyed thoughts mixing up to form the brightest, loveliest colors. But no matter how deep you dive inside, no matter how many images you look up in the galleries, no matter how hard you look around – the face eludes you. So all you can do is wait- hoping when you finally find that impression you would have achieved your destiny. Hoping that completed portrait would come to life and rinse away all your gloom.

And then, when you have almost given up hope, D-day arrives. Sunshine lights up the saturnine autumn forest, the portrait completes itself and you believe your poor soul has been redeemed.

But what is supposed to happen when all those feelings come to a naught? What do you do when your loveliest dream refuses to step into your reality? Do you let your heart turn back into stone? Do you give up and climb back into that cocoon you had built for yourself? Or do you stand there, a loser, but still with a heart to fight?
Can you muster enough steel to do a Rocky?
No matter how hard life throws you to the ground, can you crack your knuckles, stare straight into its eyes and scream – “It ain’t over “?

Ive got strange ways

But it wont take long my friend

Im telling you someday baby I will be gone

Ive got strange ways...

Youre turning all this heart into a stone

I can see you

As youre watching the fire When I burn

Im telling you someday baby I will be gone

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